25+ Quotes by Warith Deen Mohammed

Warith Deen Mohammed who is also known as Imam Warith Deen Mohammed  or Imam W. Deen Muhammad or WD Muhammad was an American social activist. He was born on 30 October 1933, Hamtramck, Michigan, United States and passed away on 9 September 2008, Chicago, Illinois, United States.  He left NOI belief of his own father and embraced Sunni Islam.

Some quotes by Warith Deen Mohammed are as follows:

“We can solve most of the problems ourselves, if we accept responsibility for ourselves.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“Allah has rewarded us with great spiritual benefits and moral benefits that will be seen in our total life, that will be seen in our total life, that will be seen as reward for the betterment of our total life.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“Peace is a requirement in our lives our souls have been created for pace.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“If we were one family, one people, and had stayed one people, We would have just worked for one national order; for one cultural desire. Now that we have become many nations with many different cultural tastes, we benefit from the many millions of ideas of cultural design where the table of mankind is now filled with so many varieties of wonderful things created by the children of Adam.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“Ramadan is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed. It is guidance, an evidence, and criterion for all people.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“The fast teaches us to be concerned for the suffering of other people. We know the pain of hunger in our stomachs so it makes us more sympathetic for the pain of hunger in the stomachs of those who have to fast all of the time. Some poor people have to fast in the month of Ramadan and outside of Ramdan; It doesn’t make any difference. They don’t know when they have to fast. So it teaches us to be sympathetic; a compassionate, sympathetic people. It makes us more charitable.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“After the 30 day fast we have a victory. We celebrate and then we eat in the day; we eat joyfully in the day.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“The Month of Ramadan, for 30 days you are fasting for Allah’s pleasure, to please Allah, To do what Allah says.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“It brings the family together, it strengthens the family, no family fasting in the month of Ramadan will come out of that month without having an awareness that the family hs been helped tremendously by fasting in the month of Ramadan.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“When we start the month and everyday, It is habit of Muslims following the traditions of Our Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon him) to make intentions for the next day. I say ‘I intend to fast tomorrow of the month of Ramadan.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“Purification and obedience or discipline for the sake of Allah is called Taqwa. Taqwa means respecting those things that Allah ordered us to respect. First of All we are to respect our relationship with Allah, that We are the servants, All of us are servants of Allah.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“We are disciplining our whole life for the sake of Allah, and Allah says in the Quran: ‘Fasting is for me’.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“We want a community life. We want a physical environment that will allow to us to live up to the Muslim excellence, as an individual as a family and as a community, as a political unit that will speak well of us as followers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) who established the best, the perfect society in Median.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“The common density is the density that Allah has created for us in our very human composition. Allah has composed us naturally, originally; to want goodness, to want heaven not hell, to want peace and decency and respect. We want to feel that we are with people who care about themselves and about others.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“Everything that happens in human life, as designed by our creator (Allah), has a sign for our intelligence, for our mind to read. And everything carries both.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“This is really the most precious nature of American society. It invites all people to bring their life to America and establish it, and enjoy the freedom of America.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“The great crowd should be coming to education, not war. Education makes for peace. Education has opened the world for freedom, justice and equality.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“We need to go back to the innocent human person. You want to know where that person is? It is in the arms of any new mother. The new baby that the mother gets into her arms, She gives to the father and they hold their future, the new human being. That human being is ready to be guided aright.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“Freedom is to move in our intellect to a greater vision, a greater purpose, to a greater responsibly until we are comfortable with ourselves in our life and in our purpose on this earth. Until that happens, we will continue to be a burdened and confused people. It is a natural requirement, the life of every human being, that their intellect be liberated.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“If we follow the words of Allah, have faith in him and give ourselves totally to him, He will kindle the right sprit in our hearts. And as long as we burn with that desire, and with that sprit, we will be successful.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“What we should be concentrating on is establishing ourselves; the whole life, and follow our own purpose. That purpose for us now is to obey the law as Muslims following the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) – Warith Deen Mohammed

“You can put a man in the dark, but you cannot keep him there if he has the sprit from his better ancestors.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“The Eid day is a day of glorifying and praising Allah. From the time We get out of bed, We are beginning to prepare ourselves to attend the Eid prayers. We should be thinking about having completed the fast and the worshipping and celebrating that comes at its completion. We should be praising and thanking Allah for his blessings.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“You should think of yourself just as just some ordinary thing. You are a world within yourself. Our basic concern is the promotion of excellence.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“The human family has human family solidarity. As our density, we have to accept the unity of human family. Man has progressed socially and materially on this earth with a position now, globally speaking, that we cannot accept to ignore other nations and other people.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“The true life that Allah wants for all people is a life of cooperation… community life.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“In Islam, great beauty is that moral development is equally possible for women as it is for men. There is no distinction between the male and the female in the way of piety -Spiritual development, moral development.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

“If you find where one’s interest is, you will find where his life is. My interest is propagating the words of Allah, so this is my life.” – Warith Deen Mohammed

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