6 Quotes on workers

We should always take care of dignity of workers. Some quotes on workers quotes are as follows:

“limination of child labour and access to education are like two sides of one coin. One cannot be achieved without the other.” – Kailash Satyarthi

“Our Organization trains perspective employers of domestic workers so they give them their due in terms of pay, leaves etc like in any other sector.” – Nikhil Chnadra, Business head, Domesteq

“Domestic workers must be awarded basic rights like minimum wages, weekly offs etc that are given for working individuals in other sectors.” – Amod Kanth, Chairman,Domestic workers sector skill council

“There is huge demand for minor domestic workers as they may more malleable and easy to exploit.” – Ravi Kant, Senior Advocate, Labour Law expert

“We are very dependent on helps because of which relationship between employers and helps is often emotionally, if not physically, exploitative.” – Amrita Gandhi, Documentary Film maker

“Addressing issues of domestic workers is hampered as there is a lack of clarity on number of people employed in the sector.” – Tripti Lahiri, Author Maid in India

“We should focus more and more on dignity of labour for domestic workers.”

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