20+ Ya Allah Forgive me Quotes

Allah says in Quran, “call on me, I will answer you.” – [Quran, 40:60] so we shouldn’t forget to seek forgivness from Allah Some quotes in English to seek forgiveness from Allah are as follow:


“Ya Allah, fill my heart with your love and forgive me.”

“Ya Allah, You are the most merciful and forgiving. Please forgive me for the prayers I have missed and give me tawfeeq to pray all the Salah on time.”

“Ya Allah, please remove all the pride and arrogance from my heart, forgive my major and minor sins and make me worthy to jannah.”

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving. May Allah forgive me, you and whole  Muslim ummah.”

“O Allah, You are the only one who forgives greatly and loves to forgive so please forgive me.”

“Ya Allah, guide me the way to jannah and forgive my sins.”

“Ya Allah, please help me and forgive me for the wrong I’ve done.”

“O Allah, I spend my days ignoring you, and spend my days disobeying you. But still, you never forget me; not even for a second, O Allah change me, make me obedient servant of you and forgive me.”

“Ya Allah, my sins are so many but your mercy is limitless so please forgive me.”

“Ya Allah, you are the greatest forgiver you love to forgive so please forgive me, my parents, my grand parents, my whole family, and the whole Muslim Ummah.”

“Ya Allah, forgive me and have Mercy upon me and guide us upon the straight path.”

“Ya Allah forgive me for not being grateful and make me among those who are grateful.”

“Ya Allah, forgive me for all the sins that I committed knowingly and unknowingly.”

“Ya Allah! Forgive me for our weaknesses in my imaan and shortcomings and make my imaan strong. Remove from our hearts the love of everything that you do not love.”

“Ya Allah you are most merciful and forgiving so forgive me on our daily mistakes, sins and shortcomings.”

“Ya Allah forgive me for backbiting and make me obedient servant of you.”

“Ya Allah, forgive me and hear my dua.”

“Ya Allah forgive me for missing Salats and accept all the Salats that I have prayed and help me in maintaining all the Salats”

“Ya Allah forgive me for any mistakes I make while performing our Salaats and guide me to offer salats in perfect way.”

“Ya Allah forgive me for hurting others and make me righteous.”

“Ya Allah forgive me and grant me the ability to forgive those who give me pain and caused me harm.”

“Ya Allah, Forgive me and grant me more wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Islam”

“Ya Allah forgive my sins and provide me ability to help poor, needy and needy people.”

“Ya Allah forgive me and ummah and grant the Ummah peace and unity.”

“Ya Allah forgive me for forbidden acts and bless me with halal income and earning and protect me at work place.”

“Ya Allah, forgive my sins and strengthen my Imaan and make me better Muslim every day.”

“Ya Allah, I have wronged knowingly and unknowingly, Please forgive me and guide me to true path.”

“Ya Allah grant me the opportunity to complete Hajj and forgive my sins.”

“Ya Allah make me among those whom you have guided and forgive my sins.”

“May Allah accept our acts of worship and forgive our sins, May Allah soften our hearts towards each other and make our days peaceful and joyful with his blessings and forgive ours sins.”

“May Allah protect us from evil eyes and forgive ours sins.”

“Ya Allah, please cleanse our heart, keep our bad habits out and forgive our sins”

“May Allah forgive all our sins and make our path to repentance and thereafter Jannah, easier.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

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